Brocklesby Ltd

Brocklesby Ltd

Brocklesby Ltd processes and blends vegetable, animal oils and fats from the food manufacturing sector into biofuel and animal feed products.

The company approached the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York for help in exploiting new markets by developing valuable chemicals using low environmental-impact chemistry from the conversion of glycerine.

This Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) developed new applications, methodologies and products for glycerine use. As a result, glycerine is now sold for use in anaerobic digestion for the production of, as well as a component of a novel product, DENITROL®, which is used in effluent water treatment.

Robert Brocklesby, Managing Director of Brocklesby Ltd, was delighted with the result of the partnership. Mr Brocklesby said: “The beauty of the KTP is the possibility to drive our business forward through skills and facilities that we would not have access to without the relationship with the University of York.” 

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