Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc

Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc

When Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc (TMETC) needed to develop its engineering expertise in full and hybrid electric vehicles, the company turned to the School of Engineering, Design, & Technology at the University of Bradford.

The resulting Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the company and the University has enabled TMETC to deliver a highly proficient, integrated and optimised regenerative braking capability for low carbon vehicles.

This project was key for TMETC to develop its engineering expertise of conventional and regenerative braking systems which meet users’ requirements for personal transport, legislative requirements and standards for weight, cost and durability. Additionally, TMETC aimed to introduce the structured Failure Mode Avoidance (FMA) methodology which has been researched and developed by the University of Bradford.

Dr John Richmond, Group Chief Engineer at TMETC, commented: “This Knowledge Transfer Partnership has directly contributed to the expanding capability of TMETC by developing key technological expertise.

“This has increased the value of TMETC in serving the strategic needs of its parent group, TML, through the delivery of a design methodology for regenerative braking for low carbon vehicles and a new product development process based on the Bradford FMA framework.”

Professor Andrew Day from the School of Engineering, Design and Technology at the University of Bradford, added: “Overall this was a most enjoyable project to work on. I was able to apply my knowledge and expertise to the work of a cutting-edge automotive technology company working across continents and participate in real-life systems design and engineering.”

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