Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP) - University of York
CNAP has specialised laboratories clustered around the Plant Genome Facility and Technology Facility in the Department of Biology and has close links with Fera, the Government’s Food and Environment Research Laboratory at nearby Sand Hutton. CNAP provides contract and collaborative research to a number of science and pharmaceutical companies in the area of plant breeding, as well as major research programmes sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Faraday Centre for Retail Excellence – Leeds Beckett University
Combining the strengths of academic research with commercial consultancy, the Centre supports the innovation needs of companies in the consumer goods, retailing and the food and drink sectors. It has been a trusted partner to leading international brands and retail and packaging companies for fifteen years and its highly experienced team are experts in combining emerging technological ideas with consumer insight to deliver real commercial advantage. 

Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture Hub – University of Leeds
The food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture hub harnesses expertise across these important areas to enable more effective and closer working with industry and third sector partners, to drive innovation and knowledge exchange while stimulating new markets and growth. By bringing together multi-disciplinary teams from across the University the hub provides holistic and innovative solutions to real world problems..

National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering - Sheffield Hallam University 
The University has been awarded £6.9m HEFCE Catalyst funding to develop this collaborative initiative between Sheffield Hallam University and the UK food and drink manufacturing industry, including the Food and Drink Federation. The new Centre will act as a hub for industry R&D, as well as for skills and workforce development, to support sustainable growth in food and drink manufacturing. 

School of Applied Sciences - University of Huddersfield 
Activity is focussed in the school with a range of research activity in the broad area ‘food biopolymers – predominantly polysaccharides and colloids’. The School is a leader in polysaccharide analysis and characterisation, and has various research streams covering for example gluten, pectins, mucins, gums and chitosan.

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