Bioscience Incubator - University of Bradford
The Business Bioscience Incubation have direct access to bioscience services such as the Bio-Imaging suite and GCLP labs, the Analytical Centre facilities and meeting rooms, conferencing facilities within the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics. The incubation programme has access to a growing number of business support services provided through the University and regional business networks.

Biomedical Research Centre - Sheffield Hallam University 
The Biomedical Research Centre specialises in disease mechanisms, bioanalytical science, molecular microbiology and pharmacology. More than £1.25 million has been invested in new laboratory equipment, including a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, a state-of-the-art SYNAPT mass spectrometer, and a cell culture suite.

Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science – University of Bradford
The Centre offers expertise in the areas of pharmaceutical materials, drug delivery systems, novel process development, reactive extrusion, material characterisation and Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Research activity is focused on novel technologies for pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceutical processing in the niche areas related to advanced pharmaceutical materials with initial emphasis on polymer melt rheology, the rheology of biopolymers, improved coating strategies and process analytics.

Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry - University of York
The Centre is a £1.6M facility with the latest in mass spectrometry analytical capability suitable for use by the chemical, food and bioscience industries. It provides access state-of-the-art instrumentation, along with the necessary expertise to develop research in many areas, such as therapeutic protein discovery and characterisation, post-genomic sciences, gas-phase ion chemistry, and chemical catalyst discovery.

Composite Systems Innovation Centre (CSIC) – University of Sheffield
A state-of-the art research centre located at The Sheffield BioIncubator, The University of Sheffield, dedicated to the innovation in the science of composite materials. Connecting more than 55 researchers, engineers and academic staff, the Centre is set to promote development of composite materials from the fundamental research level to the large-scale industrial manufacturing. Research themes include smart materials, multi-scale modelling and lower environmental impact materials.

Krebs Institute – University of Sheffield
Established at the University of Sheffield in 1988, the Institute is a multi-disciplinary, cross-departmental research arm to facilitate programmes aimed at the greater understanding of biomolecular processes. Areas of expertise include bioinformatics, structural biology, bioinformatics, microbiology, cell biology, chemistry and genomics.

Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Innovation Hub – University of Leeds
The Hub facilitates effective academic engagement with industry across the sectors, for example, through projects focused on the delivery of biopharmaceuticals to intracellular targets.  There are also selected opportunities to exploit distinctive research into fundamental biological mechanisms associated with disease and ageing.

York Science Park - University of York 
The Park houses 100 organisations within the University’s three fully serviced incubator buildings. The Biosciences Technology Facility in the Department of Biology comprises six state of the art bioscience labs (Imaging and Cytometry, Genomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Protein Production, Molecular Interactions) with nearly £10M invested in modern and constantly updated equipment.  

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