Precision Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre – University of Sheffield 
The AMRC with Boeing is dedicated to working with manufacturing businesses, from global aerospace giants to local SMEs. It works with around 70 member companies that pay an annual fee to access resources and expertise and which help determine the research programme. Boeing is the founding partner and continues to play a key role in the Centre’s continuing development. It also works with many other companies and institutions on individual research projects.

Automotive Research Centre – University of Bradford
The Centre was established by the University of Bradford in January 2010 to build on the research expertise in mechanical engineering. It has recently completed an extensive investment programme to provide a unique set of world-class experimental facilities with associated instrumentation, hardware, and software. The Centre works with industry on research and knowledge transfer projects associated with automotive engineering, systems and manufacturing.

Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering – University of Huddersfield 
The Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering (CEPE) aims to advance the scope and sensitivity of machinery fault detection and diagnosis and of plant performance and emissions monitoring. CEPE is recognised internationally as one of the world's leading research organisations in the field of plant condition and performance monitoring. The main focus of CEPE is applied research and development, although some members are actively involved in research to create the next generation of applicable technologies.

Huddersfield International Institute for Accelerator Applications (IIAA) – University of Huddersfield
The Institute brings together research in accelerator science and engineering, from low energy devices in its own laboratories to the highest energy machines at sites around the world, including the LHC in Geneva and the ESS in Lund. A core team of research staff work across the university on a wide range of accelerator projects including FFAGs, proton therapy, and ADSRs.

Institute of Railway Research -  University of Huddersfield 
The Institute is carrying out research into the interaction between railway vehicles and the track. The improved understanding of wheel-rail contact that has resulted from this work has been developed into a number of tools and techniques which are being used to predict deterioration of railway wheels and rails and to allow engineers to control and optimise the vehicle track interface. This expertise has application across many industry sectors.

Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI) - Sheffield Hallam University  
MERI is a dynamic interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to addressing industrial problems through the application of fundamental science and engineering. Its experienced team has a highly successful track record applying cutting edge research to find innovative solutions to industry problems. From materials analysis to infrastructure management, MERI delivers innovative solutions that generate real competitive advantage.

Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Advanced Electrical Machines and Drives – University of Sheffield
The Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) is one of 30 centres worldwide. The UTC undertakes research programmes under the direction of Rolls-Royce, with a view to facilitating advancements in technology aimed at future Rolls-Royce market requirements. Its research activities are focussed around four technical themes:
•    Electrical machines
•    Electromechanical components
•    Power electronic converters and devices
•    System integration and control

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