HE in Yorkshire


These 12 universities …

Contribute £2.9bn each year to the region’s economy and play a critical role in generating jobs, creating innovation, talent, and enterprise and driving productivity.

In 2017/18 £1.8bn was generated within the universities themselves, with the remainder in the supply chain and through expenditure of staff and students.

Invest £324 million in capital assets annually, helping to support local regeneration and capacity building in our region.

Universities collectively spent around £250m in the region on suppliers out of a total of £590m spent in the UK. This supported an estimated 4,750 FTE jobs in the region.

Attract a large and diverse student population from more than 120 countries.

Annually have 180,000 students studying in Yorkshire, a third of whom were originally from within the region.

Develop highly-skilled people by producing over 64,000 graduates each year and creating opportunities for the region’s workforce.

Support 56,000 full time equivalent (FTE) jobs: 30,000 of which are professional and managerial staff inside the HE sector and a further 26,000 FTEs jobs are based in the wider supply chain, underpinned by the spending of staff and students.

Generate nearly £30 million in consultancy contracts with over 1,400 non-commercial organisations and 3,000 companies of which 2,000 were SMEs.

Play a vital role in the region’s civic, social and cultural life through community outreach and volunteering, creating accessible and vibrant public places through libraries, arts and sporting facilities.