HE in Yorkshire

Did you know?

⇢ Yorkshire’s universities boost growth by making £2.9bn GVA contribution each year to the region’s economy and play a critical role in generating jobs, creating innovation and driving enterprise;

⇢ Yorkshire’s universities develop highly-skilled people by producing over 64,000 graduates each year and creating opportunities for the region’s workforce;

⇢ Yorkshire’s universities play a vital role in the region’s civic, social and cultural life by attracting a large and diverse student population from more than 120 countries, creating accessible and vibrant public places through libraries, arts and sporting facilities;

⇢ Yorkshire’s universities are powerful economic drivers, crucial to future prosperity and national and regional competitiveness; they work with business, public and voluntary sectors to create new markets and tackle global challenges through knowledge and innovation;

⇢ Yorkshire’s universities work together by using their collective expertise, resources, skills and influence to maximise their impact on raising aspirations and achieving greater socio-economic wellbeing.