Yorkshire’s universities deliver over 174,000 days of company trading each year, generating £33.8m.
In 2011/12, Yorkshire’s universities worked with over 3,000 companies on their research contracts.
With a total income of £2.1 billion per annum, the higher education sector ranks with banking and insurance, food and drink, hotels and catering.
The 31,250 full-time equivalent jobs in higher education are boosted by an equivalent number of jobs outside the institutions, the majority in the region.
Contract research income is £116 million - over 10 per cent of the UK total and only surpassed by London, the South East and Scotland.
The research base - valued at approximately £340m and equivalent to 40% of total regional R&D spend - offers expertise and other resources that business can access to develop products and services.
Higher education in Yorkshire attracts over 210,000 students each year, including 34,000 from more than 150 countries.
Nearly 10% of the total number of graduates produced each year are from Yorkshire - the region has one of the highest graduate retention rates in the UK.
The spending power of students in the region is £980m, of which at least 181m is generated by international students.
In 2011/12, the region’s universities undertook £23.2m in consultancy contacts and a further £116m in contracted research.

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The vital contribution that the 12 higher education institutions in Yorkshire and the Humber make to the region can be measured in many ways - economic development and growth, income generation, job creation, world leading research, innovation and knowledge exchange, business start ups, and record numbers of graduates from the UK and overseas.
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