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The COVID-19 crisis

Dr Peter O’Brien, Executive Director

Today is my eldest daughter’s 14th Birthday; one that she will spend, like millions of children, being home-schooled, but also apart from her grandparents, whom we are socially-distancing ourselves from in line with medical advice. I can’t recall a time like this in her young life or even my own – which is considerably longer – where the world has faced such an acute crisis as that caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Budget 2020

Dr Peter O’Brien, Executive Director

The Chancellor’s Budget Statement hit the headlines both for the background against which the Statement was made – the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis – and the announcement of significant new investment in infrastructure (including science and innovation) as part of the government’s efforts to ‘level up’ the UK economy.

Unpacking the role of universities as civic anchor institutions

Professor Roger Lewis, YU Associate

The phrase ‘anchor institution’ is currently in vogue but what does it mean in reality? What defines an ‘anchor’? What kinds of organisation are in a good place to take on the role? How might their different contributions complement each other as part of a wider system?  More specifically for YU, what role should universities play? These questions were posed at a roundtable convened last week to discuss a new report published by Newcastle University researchers on universities and place-based leadership.

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This has been a difficult week for all of us. I have been impressed by the resilience of our University staff and students. Many of whom have also joined the community fight against #COVID19 helping in multiple ways. Thank you! @UniversitiesUK @officestudents

At Hallam we’re responding by:
🚗Offering free parking for local NHS workers
🏥Providing 3D printers to make ventilators
👩‍⚕️Supporting final year nurses to qualify early & join the workforce
📚Providing materials to parents to enable children to keep learning & deal with anxiety

Remote AGCAS Regionalisation Working Party meeting #newnormal @AGCAS @gabi_binnie #StayHomeSaveLives