Empowering Yorkshire’s future through collaboration:
A regional partnership of twelve higher education institutions.


We support and champion universities’ collective aspirations on global questions, such as skills,
infrastructure and


We empower member institutions to lead in the civic agenda by connecting public policy with research-informed practice and knowledge transfer.


We promote stronger partnerships between HEIs, policymakers, and actors in Yorkshire’s diverse economies, places, and communities.

We are an action-oriented regional partnership of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). We are driven by a passion and belief in the power and potential of Yorkshire and its global connections and aspirations.

We support and encourage our members to work together and with partners to provide civic leadership in the region.

We add distinct value to the places where our members are located, and the communities in which they work.

We use our combined voice as a Higher Education powerhouse with the determination to change our region for the better.

We champion Yorkshire as diverse, resilient, inclusive and rich in collaborative learning and new ideas.

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