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The role of universities in remaking towns post-Brexit

Professor Roger Lewis, YU Associate 

Remaking British towns after Brexit: key actions for policy makers and planners, published by the Carnegie UK Trust is a timely contribution to discussions surrounding the opportunities and challenges facing the UK post-Brexit.

Two-fifths of Britain’s population live in towns but this spatial dimension has tended to be neglected by policy-makers; cities get much more attention (and investment). Discontented, ‘left-behind’ towns overall voted for Brexit –the benefits of EU membership have not been perceived by all communities.

Response to the HE Commission Degree Apprenticeship inquiry

The Higher Education Commission’s seventh inquiry is examining how Degree Apprenticeships (DAs) are being implemented. In 2015, the Government committed itself to overseeing the creation of three million new apprenticeships by 2020, and the development of DAs is seen as an important element of this policy. The reforms surrounding DAs, which combine workplace experiences with HE study, offer the opportunity for an apprentice to gain a full degree by the end of the apprenticeship.

‘Beyond Eds and Meds’: Realising the value of place-based university-health partnerships

Dr. Peter O’Brien, Executive Director

As published in the NHS Confederation Local Growth Bulletin on 8 October 2018.

“The advent of the local industrial strategy is placing a renewed focus on ‘place’, encouraging universities and the NHS to work collaboratively to help stimulate sustainable forms of growth and public service transformation. Dr Peter O’Brien, executive director of Yorkshire Universities, explains why this partnership presents a golden opportunity.