Call to engage with the implementation of the Yorkshire & Humber Climate Commission’s Regional Climate Action Plan

The Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission is establishing a programme of ‘Delivering Impact’ sessions that will run through to early 2024 with a focus on net zero, climate resilience, nature recovery and fair and inclusive (or just) transitions in the region.

Each of the open sessions (see below) will:

  1. examine evidence on key themes
  2. review global, national and regional best practice
  3. develop links between different areas of action to encourage a joined-up approach;
  4. consider what is being done, what needs to be done, and what more could be done to deliver ambitious climate action in the region;
  5. review stakeholder perspectives on each theme, considering the views of government, business and communities/third sector groups;
  6. consider enablers/blockers and capacities for change;
  7. propose practical actions that can/should be taken and the role that the Commission and other actors can play in promoting these.

The draft outputs from the sessions will form the basis for extensive stakeholder engagements and will be fed into government and business and to the activities of the Commission moving forward.  They will also feed into the ‘State of the Region’ climate action progress review that the Commission is preparing for launch in early 2024.

We are calling on colleagues at YU members insititutions to engage with these Delivering Impact sessions. Read more about it here.

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