New Analysis of Higher Level Skills in Yorkshire and Humber Labour Markets

Yorkshire Universities (YU) recently hosted a webinar with Peter Glover, Economic Evidence Manager at West Yorkshire Combined Authority, exploring labour market use of higher level skills across Yorkshire and the Humber. This webinar supports YU’s Graduate Talent workstream that brings together our members and partners to improve support for graduate employment and employability across the region through increased collaboration and coordination.

This webinar is part of ongoing work under Priority Area 8 – Data Sharing & Analysis for Effective Strategy and Action, which was identified in the collaborative report on Supporting Graduate Employment and Employability in Yorkshire published in 2022. YU has been exploring potential ways in which we can generate analysis and insights in order to answer key questions set by our members and partners across Yorkshire. We are currently scoping how to combine insights from existing resources and additional analysis into a new publication.

This session with Peter Glover has allowed us to explore some of the recent analysis that he has been working on as part of his annual labour market reporting for West Yorkshire, which he was able to focus on higher level skills and expand to provide analysis of a broader regional picture.

We hope to bring further insights to our partners and facilitate further discussions at the 2024 conference of our Graduate Talent workstream, which will be hosted at Sheffield Hallam University on 11 July. If you want to be part of the conversation be sure to hold the date and keep an eye on our newsletter and social channels for more information and details on how to register!

In the meantime, we are sharing resources from this recent webinar publicly to facilitate the ongoing sharing of analysis to support effective collaboration across the region. You can watch back the presentation below and access the slides presented here.

You may also be interested to look back at the analysis Peter Glover presented on equality, diversity and inclusion in the labour market across Yorkshire and Humber and the broader conference resources from the 2023 edition of the YU Graduate Talent Conference.

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