Our work

In November 2017, the YU Board approved a new strategy, structured around the concept of ‘place’, and which will see YU focus on three specific priorities. The new strategy reflects the growing recognition of the ‘anchor institution’ role of universities in national and local industrial policies and strategies, and includes particular emphasis upon the value of universities located within places identified as ‘left behind’. The three priorities are:

The economics of place – focusing on the role of universities in delivering the Industrial Strategy

The governance of place – focusing on the place leadership role of universities in the context of devolution in England

The social, civic and cultural significance of place – focusing on the public contribution of universities to local place-making and societal development and change

The priorities provide a new focus for YU’s activity over the next two years. YU’s resources and the work programme of the YU Executive Team will be directed towards strengthening the contribution of universities in Yorkshire to the Industrial Strategy and its local variants, and building institutional and organisational relationships across sectors, whilst recognising the emergent and evolving environment facing the HE sector in England.